It’s been super crazy this past year, but I finally finished my sophomore album, and the very first single ‘SOUL MATE‘ is now available on iTunes!  I hope that you will get your copy today and please don’t forget to check out the music video of it, too.  I wrote this song on my ukulele while vacationing in Hong Kong earlier this year.  My producers, Martin Estrada and Shemika Secrest, and I thought the album was complete at that time, until Shemika and I finished the final touches on the song and recorded it.  Immediately we knew that it not only had to be on the album, but that it would be the very first single off of it!

My favorite part of the song is the bridge, courtesy of the musical genius of Miss Secrest.  We definitely wanted a really laid back, island-feel to the vibe and when my husband and I decided to take a trip to Thailand (our favorite place in the world), we just decided to try and shoot the video on the hotel grounds for fun.  The resort we were staying at was right next to a fishing village and 2 beautiful local children volunteered to star in the video!  It turned out to be a fun and sincerely honest montage of the kids, me and my good old uke =)

Hope you will share and enjoy!



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