My very first music video shoot…

It’s been about a week now since I shot my first music video “If You Go” featuring Roscoe Umali.  It was directed by Juwan Chung of Affiliated Entertainment ( and shot by DP Johnny Ching (   I had such a blast with my producer, TechBeatz as well as my friends from The Syrenz and Outer Circle Crew.  It really was just a day of fun on set, and it was crazy how quickly 12 hours just whizzed by.  I had a lot of people praying for me that day that nothing would go wrong and it worked!  We finished on time and got in extra shots.  The production team, talent and crew all pulled through and made the shoot day a true success!  I just can’t wait to see the end product =)

Before the madness at Pollution Studios in Downtown LA…

My two fabulous dancers, Ebbonie and Yasmeen.  Still cute, even before the makeover!

My drummer, Spike, talking to TechBeatz and Jason Viera who played the best tunes for us all day long!

Juwan Chung with TechBeatz and that’s Johnny Ching standing on the apple box =)

My amazing choreographer, Darrien Henning and my BFF/Pseudo-Manager, Hana!

Spike on set.  If you look closely, the sticker says “drum machines have no soul”…

But ironically, TechBeatz brought his “Maschine” to play!!  It was dope, though…

Me and Spike

That’s Ebbonie, post makeover.  Ummm…can we say, GORGEOUS?!

This is where I felt like Kim Kardashian =)

From left to right: Shy Guy, Wen Rock, Gyroe the Magnificent, me, Nasty Ray, Peppa, and Marco Peru!

They seriously rocked the house…wait till you see the footage!!

I’m so lucky to have my friends come and support me all of the time…


Darrien with his “girls” =)

That’s us with my amazing stylist Marco Morante and his assistant, Brandon.

This is us with our hair guru, Hector.  Isn’t he so photogenic?

That’s a wrap!  Boy, do we look exhausted!

Left to right:  Dave Kebo, Juwan Chung, Jason Viera, Johnny Ching, Darrien Henning,

and Cy Shimmy.  Thank you guys for all of your hard work =)

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