Who is Keyrei?

Keyrei [kee-ray]: beautiful music; having the qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; music that delights the senses or mind.

In 2009 Keyrei released her debut album, ‘Therapy’, a testament of her love of Electronica illustrating her spiritual awakening and struggles. Most of the album was inspired while accompanying her late father to different treatment facilities as he was battling cancer. The time spent with him and God helped pen nearly all 13 original songs off of the album. Although part of small niche genre, ‘Therapy’ was well received, with multiple singles spending over 5 weeks at no.1 on the Independent Music Network.

And now, after 3 years, Keyrei has re-invented her sound all together. With her newest album, ‘This Time’, the Los Angeles based singer and songwriter collaborated with close friends and musicians she had worked with in the past to create a very intimate and inviting soulful, pop, acoustic album. It all began with singer/songwriter/producer David Kater, who arranged the first round of songs, but most of the final arrangements were developed in the living room of her dear friend and co-producer, Martin Estrada. Along the way, she was introduced to and collaborated with the legendary, Rafael Moreira. One of the key players in the final stages before recording came at a chance meeting with the brilliant Shemika Secrest, who co-produced and vocally produced every song on the album. “It was like I was married to 2 people at the same time…we had our moments but in the studio, these two were masters at their craft,” says Keyrei. “I am so blessed to have worked with them but most of all, the respect and friendship that has developed over the countless hours spent together mean more to me than anything.”

Recorded at her favorite Studio City Sound, Keyrei remembered the warmth and familial atmosphere from her previous work with studio owner and Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Tom Weir. “Everyone at SCS is like family to me, and feeling that comfort level helped bring out some of my best vocal performances ever.” However, atmosphere was only one part to the development of her new sound. “Secrest would never settle for anything less than perfect on each take! She pushed me beyond any expectation I ever had of myself and the end product still floors me every time I hear it”. With her musical family behind her, Keyrei’s ‘This Time’ displays breathtaking vocal arrangements and melodies with unparalleled musical prowess by musicians like Phil Parlapiano, Michael Torres, Ronald Kelly, Jr., David Chegwidden, Kyle Bolden, Dale Black Jr., Chris Corprew and Martin Estrada.

‘This Time’, a collection of songs about grief stemming from love lost, also has hints of hope with Keyrei’s “Soul Mate” and “Last Song”. “Although I was going through a tremendously difficult time after my father’s passing, I found inspiration in sharing my story through these songs.” Keyrei’s “Simon Says” was written on her ukulele after losing the love of her life, but after years of healing and growth, her “Simon” proposed on January 1, 2011. “I wasn’t sure if any of my songs would make sense after getting married, but I realized that the pain I felt was so real that emoting them again through my music wouldn’t be as difficult as I thought.” It was also a bittersweet time for the artist, as her father had just passed from his disease. “I promised him I would never write any sad songs, but once he was gone, I couldn’t help but dig into a painful place. It helped me get through my mourning and music has always been part of my therapy,” adds Keyrei.

The title track ‘This Time’, with it’s Brazilian Jazz trio influence from Rafael Moreira, has a cool, acoustic lounge-like vibe and tells a tale of overcoming temptation. “There are always going to be people and things that re-direct back into my life for one reason or another, but how I deal with them defines where I’m headed in the future. I always find myself making the same types of mistakes over and over again, and this song is my way of breaking that cycle once and for all. “The song reveals moments of weakness but again, like many of her songs, they turn a corner with hope and victory. “I wanted to show how I got through every struggle, and that “this time” things were going to be different in every way; my music, my life, my love but most of all, my faith,” Keyrei concludes. A timeless, beautiful and honest work of art, ‘This Time’ will surely strike an unforgettable array of emotional chords with listeners of any age.

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